Ansys Fluent is a Fluid Dynamics Simulation software. Below are instructions on how to take advantage of RC resources to run advanced simulations in short amounts of time. Fluent can be run as an sbatch script, or interactively using sinteractive.


If you have your Fluent journal file, running an sbatch script is fairly simple.

An example sbatch script will be shown below:

#!/bin/bash -l
# NOTE the -l flag!

# Ross Delinger = 'This will hopefully make sure fluent doesn't set any processor affinity.'

# Name of the job - You'll probably want to customize this.
#SBATCH -J Job_Name

# Standard out and Standard error output files
#SBATCH -o output_file.o
#SBATCH -e error_file.e

# Where to send slack notifications
#SBATCH --mail-user=slack:@<user_id>

# Mail events (NONE, BEGIN, END, FAIL, ALL)
#SBATCH --mail-type=ALL

# Request a maximum of 5 days for run time, anything over will be KILLED
#SBATCH -t 0-01:00:00

# Run the job on the tier3 partition and request four cores
#SBATCH -p tier3 -A account_name -n 4

# Job memory requirements
#SBATCH --mem=10GB

#export PARA_MPIRUN_FLAGS="-aff=none"

echo "$(date) - Loading ansys 19.2.0"
module load openmpi
module load ansys/19.2.0

echo "$(date) - Getting ready to run fluent in parallel mode - 4 nodes"
# 2ddp means 2Dimensional Double Precision, other options are 2d, 3d, 3ddp.
# -t4 refers to number of nodes, -g means no graphical UI, -i means input file
srun fluent 2ddp -t4 -g -i Fluent_Journal_File.txt

echo "$(date) - Done running fluent"

You will need to replace all information with the correct information for you and your account:

  1. First, you will have to ssh into
    • Instructions for that can be found [here][connecting_with_ssh].
  2. Then in sporcsubmit run the command:
    • $ sbatch
  3. You can check to make sure your job is running by running the command:
    • $ squeue -j job_id_number


sinteractive provides a graphical interface to use fluent with.

  1. To use Fluent in a terminal, x11 formatting is needed.
    • MobaXterm is a tool that supports this and can be downloaded for free here.
    • After downloading and opening MobaXterm, hit the button that says “start local terminal” to open your terminal.
  2. Then, ssh into
    • Instructions for that can be found [here][connecting_with_ssh].
  3. You can also use FastX with sporcsubmit and use the xTerm within that.
    • Instructions for using FastX can be found here. Make sure you use the xterm desktop environment.
  4. Follow the commands for submitting an sinteractive job [here][submitting_a_job_with_sinteractive].

  5. Once in the sinteractive job (you will be able to tell because the computer name will be the-ocho instead of sporcsubmit), enter the commands below:
    • $ module load openmpi
      $ module load ansys/19.2.0
      $ fluent
  6. The fluent command will bring up a UI version of fluent which can be used just as you would use fluent on Windows.

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